This area is for only private offers . Commercial offers or ads or not allowed. (also links to auctions are not welcomed.)

Please note:

- use "[search] xxx" or "[offer]: xxx" in your subject
- If an item is sold or is found - please post this information
- A realistic price has to be given
- No auctions, or links to similar platforms
- Answers using PN are prefered (PN should then be unlocked)
- "pushing up" your post (without any modification of your offer) is not welcomed
- Articles should have something to do with the topic of this forum have (this means: MikroKopter related) - no non MK copters or parts of them
- No discussion in the threads (particularly about to the price expectations of others - no one is forced to buy something)

If the rules are not respected, it is likely that the posts will be deleted.

HiSystems GmbH as operator of the Forum only provides the platform for the buyer and seller. The offers are from the users themselves.
HiSystems GmbH does not guarantee or warrant the accuracy of the information as well as quality, safety or legality of the items offered or services.
All claims must always be clarified directly between buyer and seller.
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