In this section we will publish betaversions of the upcoming new firmware releases.
So everyone has the opportunity to test new features before the official firmwar release and so possibly take part in the development process.

Here there is always the current beta versions:

Betaversions represent the current state of development , they are not for production use.
Features can always be changed , extended or removed. That depends also on the feedback from here .
You are using Betaversions on own risk.

To see if it is a beta version or an official release take a look at the version number :
even version number = official release (V2.00)
odd version number = Beta version (V2.01)

Detailed documentation in german and english , we will be created only the end of the betatest, if it is expected that the functions will not change any more.
So you have to deal with what we publish during the beta test. As soon as we have time, we will complete the manuals.

If there is a problem with a beta version , then please post in this area
Important: please also write if everything is working properly - this is also an important information .

Please open a new post for new problems. Please begin the entry with the firmware version:
eg : V2.05 : problem xxx or V2.05 : function x properly

We ask that in this area only posts by actual testers are written .
(For other concerns and general discussions , there are plenty of other areas here in the forum )

This area is bilingual , so that english and german users can discuss here...