All in one deal.

Flexacopter Kratos RTF (Octo)

Flexacopter Kratos kit
Flight case for RTF Kratos
Gimbal Quick-lock
ZeroUAV YS-X6-P flight controller
Flexacopter MGM Kratos edition 60A ESC's (TMM 6026-3 X-SERIES)
8 Plettenberg ORBIT 15-24 motors
8 Wooden 15x5 carbon props + lock
SM Unilog 2 + 400A shunt (Telemetry sensor)
LED's + driver
Jet R9 receiver + Jeti RSat2 satellite
Jeti DC-16 transmitter + pult and case

Camera RED mount (for Epic RED or similar)
3x iPower GBM8017-120T motors
Tilt 1:1 / Roll 1:2 / Pan 1:3
2 BaseCam (AlexMos) SimpleBGC camera mount controllers
Moflon MMC2509 - Suffix-FL03 slipring
Step-Down 5A converter (mount runs on flight lipo's)
Gimbal Quick-lock
Graupner GR-24 Receiver
Immersion 600mW video TX + Fat Shark antenna

Flight Lipo's
4x Zippy 30C 6S 8000mAh
2x Multistar 10C 6S 10000mAh


Hyperion EOS 720i Duo3 (2x 500W charger)
Chargery S1200 (1200W max 24V power supply)
Price: 3250 Euro
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