Fantastic octocopter with perfectly functioning Mikrokopter electronics with fully carbon fiber frame and aluminum arms.
The drone stands out for its extreme reliability and ease of use, allowing for optimum photographic and photogrammetric results (it was mainly used for photogrammetric surveys).
The octo, despite the size (about 90 cm in diameter), is very light and with lipo 4S 10Ah has a flying autonomy of about 20 minutes (carrying mirrorless cameras).
Mounts a 2-axis gimbal (together comes a 3-axis conversion kits) entirely made of carbon with photohigher skyline electronics. For photo and thermographic surveys, this system is still one of the most practical because it allows you to use different models of cameras / thermo-cameras / sensors without having to intervene with complex time-consuming adjustments.
It also has an ultra lightweight polycarbonate cap (not shown).
Possibility to complete (with price difference) with radio control, battery charger, lipo batteries, computer telemetry transmission system and screen for receiving images.

Price octocopter with gimbal: 600 €

I also have several spare parts and upgrades that can be sold separately, such as:
- complete FC, Navi and GPS turrets;
- ESC;
- lipo 4S never scared, in different formats (5Ah, 10Ah and 16Ah).

Do not hesitate to contact me for any information.