Some time ago, my Mikrokopter crashed into the water. I salvaged all parts after being submerged 30 minutes.
I dried all parts and haven't touched them since.
They were not powered up, nor cleaned in the mean while, so I don't know if they still work.

Due to no time and my newborn son, I want to get rid of the stuff. But I think it's a shame to throw it away, when I can make someone happy with it.
Who knows, some parts might still work after a good clean-up, or can be used for something else

Parts that got wet and I'm offering are:
- FlightCtrl ME 2.1 with 2.2 upgrade
- NaviCtrl V1.1
- MKGPS 1 with GPS-Shield 1.0
- Extension-PCB V1.0
- 4x Bl-Ctrl 1.2

With all the stuff, I'm including a good MK-USB v1.0
Minimum price is shipping costs including packaging.

For a little extra I'll also include an MK Wi232 (did not get wet) and a Wi232 usb module with antenna.

I'll try to upload some pictures soon, but I can mail highres versions if you are interested.

I've also got some Original parts that were not on the MikroKopter when it went into the water.
These include the Original base quad frame and 4 roxxy motors.
Just let me know if you're interested.