Can I ask if the information which can be found on this page is still valid ?


and more specifically these: (?)

a) Setting GPS Parameters, must we have the front of the MK always facing North when these settings are changed ? Most of the time (99%) I do my settings facing South as it is much easier for me. Is it a big mistake to avoid ?

b) Undestanding PID Gyros. The table shows information about what are the P, I and D values and their corresponding MK variables. It can be a little bit misleading,is it still correct ? I ask this as the only discussions I found about this were from 2010 :) the default values (60, 28,0) are far from those found today in the Gyro config screen (120, 16, 100) also :shock:

c) is the detailed section on how to set the PID Gyros following the table still valid too ?