we have a new Beta-Version.

Connection of an external GNSS (GPS) - receiver for RTK-GPS

We have repeated requests for the use of high-precision RTK GPS receivers.
Now you can connect such a GPS module to the UART2 port of the FC.
Note: The normal GPS module must still be connected. It serves as a fallback and for data like date and speed.

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The data format of the external receiver must be set to:
* Baudrate: 57600Bd
* Updaterate: 5-10Hz -> 100-200ms

In the KopterTool the data are visible here:
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These coordinates are used in the triggerlogfile and GPX-logfile

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In the logfile you can also see the type of fix, number of satellites, and whether the external GPS is used for navigation.

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Flights with external GNSS (GPS) -Receiver

In most cases, the highly accurate GPS will suffice for the photo log files.
The MK can also use this data for navigation.

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You can even switch this option in the middle of the flight. That would make sense if there are problems with the RKT-GPS, or for testing purposes.
You could also put this option on the channel of the GPS switch. The value range is set so that the external receiver is then used only for WP flights and ComingHome for navigation.
For PH, the internal GPS module would be used.

Other changes:

You can now permanently switch the switch output on waypoint flights on or off.
WAYPOINT-EVENT = 255 -> Cameratrigger continuously On
WAYPOINT-EVENT = 0 -> Cameratrigger continuously Off
(Note: depends on the IDLS-Bit)